The Ultimate Travelling Camp, Jaagir Lodge, Dudhwa National Park

This former hunting lodge, originally built in the 1940’s is surrounded by a beautiful planation and has recently been renovated by The Ultimate Travelling Camp. The lodge is now the perfect retreat from which to visit the mysterious, seldom visited Dudhwa National Park, which borders Nepal and offers a very unique wildlife experience in north India. Enjoy guided nature trails with the resident expert naturalists, jeep safaris deep into the forest, early morning misty boat rides and meet member of the local ethnic Tharu tribe, known as the ‘people of the forest’. This unique terrain comprises of tall grasslands, sal forest, murky marshland and endless savannahs.

The lodge provides seven luxury colonial styled bedrooms and suites along with two spacious thatched roofed round villas. When at home at the lodge unwind in the well curated library or take a dip in the outdoor pool and swap tales of your days adventures over a cocktail at the Safari Club Bar. The picturesque location of the lodge allows for beautiful walks straight from the front door, where you can meander through the gentle countryside replete with streams and lakes and even stop at the machan (sit out) to sit, drink in the sounds and witness the magical indigenous birdlife.